A "playlist" is optional and created when, for example, you want multiple pieces of content to be played repeatedly in specified timeline and order. You can therefore create a playlist(s) as necessary.




1.  Quick Guide

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Screen Structure



2.  Differences between Content and Playlist

The content and playlist are played within a set timeframe in a different way from each other. Setting the content to the schedule repeats playback for one specified content and CM content within a set timeframe. Setting the playlist to the schedule repeats playback for multiple pieces of content and CM content in a playlist within a set timeframe.

3.  Adding New Playlist

Follow the procedure below to add a new playlist.

  1. Select [Create playlist] from the menu.
  2. Click ([Add new playlist] button) in the Playlist panel.
  3. Drag and drop pieces of content from the Content tree to the Edit playlist panel, then arrange pieces of content in the order you want to play.
  4. When you're finished creating the list, click the [Close] button in the Edit playlist panel.
  5. Then, a new playlist is created and displayed in the Playlist panel.



4.  Editing Playlist

To edit a playlist, click a thumbnail in the Playlist panel to display the Edit playlist panel.


5.  Sorting Playlist Order

To sort the playlist content order, drag and drop the content on the playlist in the Edit playlist panel to the desired position.