The Authoring screen lets you create new content or set schedules/displays. The Start Guide describes which points to read first, such as a flow from creating content to adding for delivery and the Authoring screen's screen structure.

Setting, copying and deleting items are common operations on all panels of the Authoring screen. This page describes basic authoring screen operations.




Setting Item by Dragging and Dropping


Copying/Renaming Item



For material or content items, their names can be the same as other items.


Deleting Items


A digital signage allows you to display images like pictures and illustrations in a slideshow and to play videos. Others are playing music as BGM, mixing item description audio with image or video, etc. To use these images, videos or audios for digital signage, you need to upload them to the server and add them to the system in advance.

When creating content, get started selecting a template for the type of content you want to create. The templates allow you to completely create contents by only entering text in the prepared frame and setting images and videos.




A "playlist" is optional and created when, for example, you want multiple pieces of content to be played repeatedly in specified timeline and order. You can therefore create a playlist(s) as necessary.

A playback schedule can be created by only dragging and dropping a piece of content or playlist on the schedule.

The schedule can be set in units of 30 minutes. During the timeline for which the content or playlist is set, a piece(s) of CM content provided by the service provider is played at a constant ratio with intervals while playing content.